Lambic restaurant chain launches updated menu

Starting today, the Lambic restaurant chain has launched an updated menu*
in addition to dishes, the menu layout itself has been updated.

For fans of mussels, we began to prepare them in five variations: Roquefort mussels in cream sauce with blue cheese, in tomato sauce, baked with cheese, Bearnaise mussels in cream sauce with leeks, Bisque in tomato and fish and, the main novelty — Vongole Beurre Blance in white wine sauce. We bring mussels and vongole to choose from 500 gr or 1 kg and always with baguette and French fries.

And pastrami fans should try the salad, sandwich and bruschetta. By the way, they are perfect with new author’s lemonades (virgin Creek, Liege or Classic).

There are also new items in the meat and poultry sections-beef tenderloin medallions, chicken schnitzel and pork ribs, borscht soups with smoked duck, prawns in steaks and grilled and in drinks. Urgently come yourself, see, order, try and share your impressions ))
See you soon!

*except Lambic on Neverovsky street and Bolshaya Ordynka street

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