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24-hour free of charge
secured parking!

"Drank beer — pick up

your car any time later!"

Real Italian pizza
A walking distance
from Park Pobedy metro station
or Fili metro station

~ 8 minutes by foot
Veranda and good conditions
for family holidays.

The restaurant on Kutuzovsky — the Brasserie Lambic — continues the tradition of Belgian Brasseries, where many beer types are served with a splendid range of snacks. In the restaurant, the beer is served in a glass strictly special for each type of beer with a picture or logo drawn on it.

The Brasserie on Kutuzovsky differs by special pleasant and calm atmosphere. Any person feels comfortable here as being a guest of good friends. Essentially, the Lambic restaurant on Kutuzovsky is a place where people go to have lunch from Monday to Friday, have business negotiations, and they come with their families and children on weekends.

There are two halls for guests: for 14 persons on the first floor, and for 80 persons on the second floor. During the warm season, a favourite place for relaxation and feast is a closed summer terrace in the inner territory. In the open area of the terrace a delicious barbeque is cooked.

Here it is nice to sit for a while in all weather, drink a glass of cold beer or a cup of coffee, have tasty lunch, celebrate a wedding or have a corporate banquet.

How to get to the restaurant-Brasserie on Kutuzovsky

The restaurant is located in a cosy place only 300 m away from Kutuzovsky Prospekt. It is an amazing green area almost with suburban atmosphere.

The restaurant has its own parking space, where guests can leave their cars for a night if necessary and do not worry — there is round-the-clock security.

One of the main rules of the Lambic restaurant chain — a walking distance from metro — is observed.

  • About 8 minutes’ walk from Park Podedy metro station (the Kalininskaya line)
  • About 13 minutes’ walk at a leisurely pace from Park Pobedy metro station (the Arbatsko—Pokrovskaya line)
  • And 16 minutes’ walk from Fili metro station

The interior of the restaurant

The interior is designed in an uncluttered style; it looks simple and modern.

A pastel colour palette and brickwork harmoniously combined with usual elements of decoration create cosy atmosphere. Brickwork helps to emphasize the inner surface of interior niches. One of the niches has a significant element of the interior and some kind of a brand identity — a collection of beer glasses.

A novelty in the restaurant menu — pizza.

Probably, it is allowed to mix up elements of fast-food with fine dishes only in the Brasserie, and one can order mussels with French fries only in a similar establishment...

The restaurant on Kutuzovsky differs from other Brasseries of the chain by real Italian
pizza in the menu. Pizza traditionally matches beer. There are five types of pizza in the menu: Margarita Pizza, Four Cheese Pizza, Mushroom and Ham Pizza, Pizza with Chorizo and Arugula, and Foccacia with Rosemary.

We suggest you not to wait with your visit to our place and come with any company: with a lady, with your family, with friends, or even alone. In the latter case, surprisingly, there are its own advantages.

Restaurant address: Neverovskogo Street, 10с6

Park Pobedy
350 m
Park Pobedy
450 m
1.5 km
1.6 km
1.6 km

Telephone: +7 (495) 432-09-90

Mon—Thu, Weekends from 12 PM to 12 AM
Fri from 12 PM to 2 AM

Lambic club Privilege Club